January, 2020


Income-free loans – Check where you can get them!

Where to look for a loan with no income? This question is often asked by people who need cash immediately. Of course, it should be clarified that we are talking here about undocumented incomes or those that will not be accepted by traditional companies from the financial industry. This group includes, among others, income from 500 plus, money transferred from parents or social benefits. With income from these sources, you can also apply for a loan. Loans with no documented income The above page contains a list of companies thatRead More

Mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate 100% security

At present, those interested in installment stability may only be interested in three offers. Importantly, a mortgage with a fixed installment cannot be taken out for the entire loan period. The maximum installment blocking period is only 5 years. It seems to me that this will change in the future. Borrowers are becoming more aware and will push for banks. These, in turn, will look for new opportunities to compete with each other. Fixed rate mortgage. How’s it working? A fixed-rate loan gives customers security in the form of aRead More

How is revolving credit structured?

In the market for personal loans, or consumer loans, there are just as many banks as there are finance companies. The case of Good Credit is quite special since this company was, in turn, a financing company, before becoming a full-fledged bank and then a new finance company. A private organization nationalized in 1982, then privatized in 1987, Good Credit was finally bought out by Fine Bank in 1999. At that moment, it lost its bank status. Since then, Good Credit has forged numerous partnerships, particularly with automobile manufacturers suchRead More

Credit without collateral for the unemployed

  It also serves as collateral for loans. Without collateral, the jobless yacht loan is the impression that the trust manager can hardly grasp. He gains more security with respect to the solvency of the investor. Widespread views were preferred and brought without a yacht loan for the unemployed. Credit without credit note information for unemployed from a foreign bank. Credit for the unemployed It is very difficult for the unemployed to have suitable and above all fair credit in the German capital market. After all, it is mainly theRead More